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Time for a Custom
Landing Page?
Data-Driven Approach = More Conversions

You know what…when it comes to designing your landing pages, we know
it’s not simply about designing something that looks pretty.

We combine our world-class design skills with marketing expertise to help
increase your conversion rates, get a better return on your advertising spend and
ultimately help you reach your marketing and business goals.

Get More Conversions For Your Paid Advertising Campaigns
And Stop Losing Money. 

Cost Per Conversion Matters.

While you may be hitting all the right goals in driving qualified traffic to your website, if they just leave then it’s a waste of time. Converting your traffic is paramount to the immediate an ongoing success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Our proven system increases conversions for your landing pages. This means you get more value out your ad spend or reduce your overall Cost Per Lead.

When You Order a New Landing Page Design,
here’s what we deliver…

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

You are in the hands of the experts. We have niched down on conversion design and our expertise is in creating unique landing pages.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages great-imagery

Great Imagery

We’ll only use photos which don’t look and feel like cheesy stock photography. If you have a brand guideline, we will adhere to it strictly.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages Form Intergration

Form Integrations

We’ll integrate form submissions and phone call tracking with your existing marketing app or CRM.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages responsive-design

Responsive Design

All our landing pages will not only look great but will function on all browsers across devices.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages create-split-tests-of-page-variations

A/B Testing

Every landing page is different and every test is different. We always recommend A/B testing based on quantitative and qualitative data.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages thank-you

Thank you Pages

Your landing page comes along with a unique thank you page. Custom thank you pages reinforce trust + it’s a place we put all your pixel code.

Explosion Marketing Landing Pages custom-integrations

Custom Integrations

If you are running campaigns where you are giving out free ebooks or signing up users for webinars. We will pass the leads along to the right app.

Why build a Landing Page with us?

Design aligned with your objectives

We dive deep into the brief to work out the best approach for your new landing page.

Built for conversion

All our pages are designed from scratch using custom code. We can build custom pricing calculators, multi-step forms, we don’t limit ourselves and push to create unique experiences.

We meet your expectations

With unlimited design revisions, we don’t stop until you love your new landing page and are fully satisfied.

You own the designs we create

Everything we build including templates, Photoshop files, code is your Intellectual Property.

What Do we Design & Develop?

Service Based Landing Pages

Need bookings? Landing pages are a key tool to use in the effective marketing and lead generation for service based businesses.

Product Pages

It is vital when asking your website visitors for a purchase commitment to provide no reason not to by displaying every reason and reassurance they need.

Top of Funnel Pages

Need bookings? Landing pages are a key tool to use in the effective marketing and lead generation for service based businesses.

Beautiful, Functional, High-Performing

There is no need to create landing pages that look terrible. As custom website designers we make sure your landing pages seamlessly match your companies brand.

How do we do it?

Explosion Marketing Landing Page process

Landing Page Designs

Explosion Marketing-landing-pages

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design a landing page to get great results?

– It’s a joint effort from you and us. You need to have helpful content and copywriting that has clarity and clearly explains how you solve your prospect’s problems and display the benefits of your offer.

– We need to create a landing page design that enhances your copywriting, to attract and qualify the right prospect.

– We do this by showcasing your authority, plus we use social proof elements and credibility elements throughout the site using psychological principles that help build trust to influence your visitors to take action and move them through your sales funnel/process.

– We use a color palette and images to appeal to your target market, while designing with layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand and that’s easy for your visitors to take action.

How much do you charge for a custom landing page design?

Here’s a rough guide…

– A ‘Short’ Landing Page Design with 1-2 sections starts at $400

– A ‘Long’ Landing Page Design with 7-8 sections starts at $800

– A ‘Super Long’ Landing Page Design can be in between $1,000 and $2,000

All prices above include unlimited design revisions until approved. (Excludes the coding/build phase).

What is the process for the landing page design phase?
Here’s our ‘Action Plan’ for the Landing Page Design Phase:
–   You fill out our design questionnaire or you send us your own detailed brief.
–   Once we are all clear on the brief, we will professionally design a unique custom design to suit your vision & marketing funnel.
–   Our world-class design team will create a custom look and feel to boost your authority & appeal to your ideal audience.
–   The design will have a modern layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand.
–   We use psychological persuasive drivers to build trust & influence more of your visitors to take action. (opt-in, register, buy, etc.)
–   Within the first week roughly, we will send you the landing page design for your feedback / approval.
–   We make unlimited design revisions until you approve the design.
–   The design will suit responsive coding so it looks great on any device & screen size.
–   Once you approve the design, we package the design files;  Editable and layered AI & PSD files along with the JPGs and FONTS plus instructions for the developers of your choice (yours or ours) to start the coding / build phase.
–   We automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you.
–   I will sign your NDA if required.
How much is copywriting?

If you need a copywriter, we can undertake this for you so that your site has ‘conversion-focused’ copywriting. Price can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much copy you need. We can quote on this based on your needs.

What if I don’t have my copywriting, photos or videos ready yet?

With landing pages, we usually need your copywriting first however we do have landing page layouts that we know work well. So we can design some landing page first if needed. Then we present the design with placeholder copywriting, then you will have a better idea of what missing copy is needed.

How long does it take to design the landing page?

We can usually design the landing page in around 2 weeks from the time we have the full brief.

The first design will be sent to you within the first week roughly from the time we have the full brief.

Can you deliver the design in less than 2 weeks?

Yes, if you you need it urgently, we can give you priority to ensure we meet your tight deadline for an extra fee. (To be quoted at the time of your request.)

Do you really offer unlimited design revisions?

Yes, we offer unlimited design revisions on everything we design for you, until you approve the designs, as long as the revisions are inline with the original brief. If you completely change direction after we start designing, then we will send you a quote to continue designing to match the new direction.

Do you design the exit pop-up and upsells, checkout pages, etc?

Yes, we can design the exit pop-up and upsells, checkout pages, and all associated with your offer if you need us to. Just send the brief and we will send you a quote. We understand how to design all supporting pages to give you the best chance of conversion by removing leakage points and having the right hierarchy and elements for maximum conversions.

Do you design the mobile views?
Yes, your landing page with be responsive on all devices.
When we design the mobile view, we try to simplify the pages because we know how important site speed is for conversions and rankings.
On the mobile views, we may replace background images with a flat colour, plus it’s worth testing removing images & reducing the number of elements and sections on the page.  The goal is to have it load fast AND convert, so it can be a balancing act of what to simplify.
What if I don’t like my new landing page design?

Our goal is to give you designs that you love. If you like what you see in our folio and case studies, there is a high chance that you love what we design for you. If you don’t love the design we create for you, we will revise the design until you do love it. We have a dozen designers, so if you’re not happy with the designs, we can start fresh with a new designer.

How long does it take to code the landing page?

The coding phase usually takes around 1-2 weeks from the time you approve the designs depending on the length of the page.

What is the process for the landing page build phase?
Here’s our ‘Action Plan’ for the Landing Page Build Phase:
–   We’ll build the page, as per the approved design, on our staging server. (No design revisions can be made during this phase.)
–   You fill out our developer’s questionnaire and return within the first week of us starting the build phase.
–   We will build your site on WordPress using the Genesis framework, or we can build on your existing website if needed.
–   Then we will build the pages using the Elementor page builder so that it’s easy for you to make updates yourself.
–   It will be responsively coded for viewing on all mobile devices and all screen sizes.
–   Our coders use WordPress best practices for coding so it will be tuned for speed.
–   We will connect the site to your email marketing platform.
–   We will connect the site to your payment gateway.
–   We add a basic SEO plugin to your site, and add meta titles & keywords provided by you to help you be found in Google.
–   We will install Google tag manager, Google / Facebook retargeting pixels etc (If you request us to. You will need to send us the codes.)
–   Once the page is coded, we send you a link to the site (on our server) for you to test.
–   Once approved we will transfer the site to your live domain.
–   We then give you access to your new live landing page, and we give you 14 days free support to fix any errors we may have made.
–   As per our standard coding terms here…
–   If you need us to make any more revisions to the live website, we will be there to help with paid support from US$25 p/hr
Can I pay you at the end of the project?

We charge upfront and it needs to be paid in full to get us started. We don’t offer to split invoices and here’s why…

We generally have between 25+ design projects on the go at any given time, so if we had to split the invoices for every client and send the second invoice after the work is completed, we would need to hire a full-time bookkeeper, which means we would need to increase our prices. We charge up front so we can give you our best price.

We can of course offer you AfterPay.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do. It’s our absolute last resort, however in the very unlikely event that you are truly not happy with our designs and we have done everything within our power to deliver our best designs to you, using multiple designers and unlimited design revisions, then YES we will give you a refund that we both agree is fair. Our reputation means the world to us and we want you to be satisfied that we have done our best.

Do you give me the Intellectual Property Rights on the designs?

Yes, with all designs that we create for you, we automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you when paid in full. (All of our designers have signed a designers agreement with Explosion Marketing signing the I.P Rights to Explosion Marketing, so we transfer the rights to you.)

Have another question?

Press the ‘SUBMIT A QUESTION’ button below & we will answer you generally within a couple of business hours. (Australian Time Zone = GMT+10 hours).

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What are your terms and conditions?

Here is a link to our design terms and conditions.

Here is a link to our coding/development terms and conditions.

Where Are You Based?

We are an Australian company based in Tweed Heads N.S.W and Brisbane Queensland,  Australia. Most of our clients are in Australia.